Sauna Accessories

There are many additional items you can purchase to make your personal sauna even better. You can find most of these items online or anywhere that sells saunas. Some of these include sauna heaters, infrared panels and steam generators.

Sauna heaters

Something you may want to think about buying is a new sauna heater. They heat up and you put special rocks on top of them. Then you pour water on the rocks and the heat evaporates creating steam and humidity in the sauna.


You can purchase a special type of rock to use. You need to get a special type of rock because these absorb heat better. If you use regular rocks you find outside, they may not hold heats as well causing them to pop and explode into smaller chunks of rock. The rocks that you buy are usually igneous rocks so they can withstand intense heat.

Infrared panels

Infrared panels are used in infrared saunas. They heat you up the same way as the sun would heat you up on a hot sunny day. These are easier to take care of than using a steam sauna because there isn’t as much moisture to cause mold that make it a lot harder to clean it up. You can buy them for portable versions of most saunas as well.

Why do you want to consider buying accessories for your saunas?

There are many reasons why but the most obvious reason is to make it work better. Of course you would want to buy something to make your sauna work better but do you know what else touching up your sauna can help with?

It can introduce new and better benefits, like for example using infrared panels instead of steam saunas to make it easier to care for. Or it can make you feel different while using it other than using a different product. You can also add essential oils to the water!

So as you can tell there are many different types of sauna products you can purchase on the market today. You may want to consider what is best for you circumstance so you may want to talk to somebody about that before trying it but other than that I hope you enjoy you great and improved home sauna!

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