Spa Accessories

If you are considering opening a spa and need equipment or accessories, Blue Lotus is the place to go. We have an extensive inventory of quality products for you to choose from.

We even offer a line of organic products, these products are a new addition to our company. We expect this line of high level products to do very well over the next several months.

We carry a full line of organic facial creams, body rubs and moisturizing creams, as well as massage oils in a large variety of scents to suit every taste.

One of our top selling items is facial masks. These masks are available for all skin types whether it’s dry, oily, blotchy or acne prone skin we have facial masks for them all.

A day at the spa can be a wonderful relaxing experience and we strive to make it better by supplying only the very best quality product for your clients.

We also carry a full line of spa accessories such as, towels, robes, spa pillows, exfoliating gloves, gel booties, natural sea sponges and soothing gel eye masks just to name a few.

When it comes to saunas we have a great selection of accessories like buckets, ladles, towel racks, all kinds of oils and heater stones. Along with numerous other products to make your sauna experience enjoyable.

Proper maintenance of your sauna will ensure it’s a safe, clean, healthy environment for your clients. Not to worry we also carry a full line of sauna cleaning and deodorizing products.

Keeping your sauna clean and odour free will ensure your sauna will last many years. Providing your clients with many enjoyable, relaxing sauna sessions.

While providing your clients with these services and purchasing the products from Blue Lotus you can rest assured they have been carefully selected and are the best products available.

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